About the ECKMF

Already in the nineties the actual Chairman Yaacov Giladi and first Chief Instructor Marcel Dor were studying the possibility of creating an organisation to support dedicated Krav Maga instructors in Europe.

Finally in 2006 they ‘established’ the ECKMF. Supported by Eric Scorba (former French Foreign Legion Instructor) they started motivating (ex) military Instructors to join the team. The core team of the Federation was formed by real Military Close Combat instructors such as Gustavo Galindo, Luc Van Laere, Phillipe F. and Marcel Dor.  Genuine Commando- or Close Combat Instructors with real combat experience.

The first non military group was created in 2007 by Luc Van Laere who was the Chief instructor from 2009 till 2012 and is now one of the independent Specialised Advisors of the ECKMF.

Luc Van Laere & Marcel Dor started training non Military Instructors in 2008.

The ECKMF is currently led by Jean-Michel Swerts.

The European Commando Krav Maga Federation now sets the new standard for Krav Maga schools in Europe. Our Instructors are dedicated and motivated Krav Maga specialists who understand that Krav Maga or Close Combat is not about techniques but about mindset.

What is the difference between ECKMF Krav Maga and Krav Maga?

ECKMF Krav Maga only uses stress tested Krav Maga techniques and specialises in Military, Law Enforcement and VIP Protection application of the system. This specialisation is optional, only Advanced Specialised Instructors offer special (restricted) lessons for military, law enforcement and VIP Protection personel.

The ECKMF refuses to play the McDojo game in wich so called Masters only care about client retention. No kimono’s, no belts and certainly not 15 exams to test our students! Our credo is simple: “We teach you how to FIGHT”.

Important note: We have never been and are still NOT affiliated to the Moni Aizik – ‘CKM’ system or to Moni Aizik himself. Our way of teaching is completely different. Our instructors have NOT been granted a title after a simple seminar but after a real training period, a real instructor course, a 5 – 7 hours lasting exam and evaluation!

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