How & what do we train?


Krav Maga is evolving constantly as our Instructors are always looking for better, more efficient ways to train. For the Instructors it can be quite a task to keep up with it all. Therefore the ECKMF has a feedback system and regular Instructor training sessions, lessons and seminars led by the Chief Instructors and the Technical Advisor.

What is the difference between a training session and a lesson? The answer is simple: in a training session we train what we have learned in a lesson.

Our training sessions involve:

-CVS (Cardio Vascular Stimulation)


-Warming up / Drills under stress

– Scenario training



Krav Maga, Weapons Retention & Disarmament,  Defensive Tactics, Weapons Retention & Disarmament, learning to deal with emotional/psychological abuse,  functioning under extreme stress, Suspicious Behavior Detection, Surviving attacks from Multiple attackers, Physical & mental conditioning, Developing speed, coordination, stamina, strength, and flexibility…

Tactical Shooting, Tactical Knife Fighting, Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB),  room clearing techniques, Prioritizing targets, Team work with limited communication, Sere (Escape from Captivity).

Please note that some techniques might be available to Law Enforcement or Military Personel only! Our Instructors are not allowed to teach those restricted techniques to civilians!

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