Instructor Certification

The course involves at least 40 hours of intensive special instructor lessons spread over 3 weeks. If you choose to take private instructor lessons the price could be double or more.

Cost: €1250,-

Exam: €250,-

Yearly: €150,- location licence + 150 instructor licence.

Prerequisite: 1 year proven Krav Maga training

Advanced Instructor Certification

The course involves the following items: Anti Homejacking, Anti Carjacking, basic use of the stick, knife and gun. The course is set up as a series of private lessons (max 3 students – 20 hours) spread over 2 weeks.

Cost: €900,-

Exam: €250,-

Yearly: €150,- location licence + 150 instructor licence.

Prerequisite: ECKMF Instructor for at least 1 year.

Advanced Specialised Instructor Certification

Vip Protection: €1500,-

Law Enforcement: €1500,-

Military Ops: €1200,-

The cost of each exam is €250,-

Yearly: none

Prerequisite: ECKMF Advanced Instructor for at least 1 year.

You are an Instructor and want to join us

We offer a transition course for serious candidates.

We DO NOT SELL TITLES OR CERTIFICATES, you will have to train with an Advanced Specialised Instructor and you will have to pass the exam!

Only Advanced Specialised Instructors and Specialised Advisors are allowed to conduct Instructor courses. For more information on becoming a ECKMF instructor contact

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