Ranking System

There are 3 practitioner Levels:

Level 1: the practitioner understands the principles, concepts and techniques

Level 2: the practitioner understands the dynamics of a real (street) fight

Level 3: The practitioner is able to function under extreme stress

We do not issue practitioner,  graduate or Expert rankings anymore, since 2010 we only advise Instructors on how to rank their students. The Instructors are free to issue those Levels to their students and if conducted according to our standards they can provide a certificate with the ECKMF logo.

Please note that the ECKMF has NO Master titles.

In order to be able to participate an exam the candidate must pass a criminal background check, a credential review and pretest.

There are 4 types of instructors


To become an Instructor, the Apprentice instructor will have to teach regularly under supervision of a certified Instructor for a period of at least 6 months.

An Instructor is allowed to teach groups of adults and private lessons. He will not conduct special seminars and is not proficient to teach advanced disarm techniques. The Instructor can only grade his students upto Level 2. The instructor cannot organise Krav Maga Instructor courses.

Advanced Instructor

To become an Advanced Instructor, the Instructor will have to teach Krav Maga for at least 1 year on a weekly basis. He will take at least 20 hours of private training with an Advanced Specialised Instructor and pass an exam.

The Instructor can grade his students upto Level 3.

Advanced Specialised Instructor

The Advaced Instructor can become an Advanced Specialised instructor in many fields, such as: Counter Terror, Disarm, CQB/MOUT, VIP protection etc.

The title of Advanced Specialised Instructor will only be awarded to those Advanced Instructors that have proven profficiency in the particular field they chose to Specialise in. In order to prove that profficiency the Chief Instructors will seek advise of other specialists in that field and set up a test for the candidate.

It takes at least 5 years to become an Advanced Specialised Instructor.

The Instructor can grade his students upto Expert 5. He can also prepare candidates for the Instructor Exam.

Chief Instructor

Only Advanced Specialised Instructors can apply for a Chief Instructor title.  Only Advanced Specialised Instructors can issue Instructor titles.

Other Titles and Certificates issued by the ECKMF

Instructor Anti Homejacking

Special theoretical program for Apprentice Instructors or Instructors allowing them to teach Anti Homejacking theory and techniques.

Instructor Anti Carjacking

Special theoretical program for Apprentice Instructors or Instructors allowing them to teach Anti Carjacking theory and techniques.

Course Completion certificates

A course completion certificate only proves the competion of a course.  It is not an instructor certificate and it proves no proficiëncy in the matter.

Specialised Advisor

A Specialised Advisor is someone (possibly independant from the ECKMF) appointed by the Chairman and Chief Instructor to conduct Instructor courses or part of instructor courses.

The past

In the past we have issued practitioner,  graduate or Expert grades upto level 5. Those certificates should be signed by the Chairman Mr. Y. Giladi and an Instructor or in some cases an Advanced Specialised Instructor.

The ECKMF has never issued any Master certificates. Our ranking system has always been different from others. We strongly believe that Master titles are not realistic in an evolving system.


Any abuse may be reported to eckmf-kravmaga@hotmail.com We have a zero tolerance towards misbehaving instructors.

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